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Executive Search Process

Our comprehensive ten step process is well defined, and is led by our experienced executive search consultants.  You’ll experience a solid partnership throughout all of the hiring activities, and will be kept up to date weekly.  The ten steps include:

Step 1: Organization / Position Assessment

  • Our professional executive search team will partner with you on the organizational summary and position description.  This includes organizational attributes, management styles, incumbent priorities, and more.

Step 2: Finalize the Candidate Success/Performance Profile

  • We’ll compile the information into a performance profile.  A performance profile is used to assess candidates throughout the pre-screening and interview process, based on your Credit Union’s goals and strategies.

Step 3: Develop and Initiate Search and Targeted Sourcing Strategy

  • Our comprehensive strategy will comprise primarily of target organizations, associations, and professional networking.  We go far beyond traditional job board postings and database mining.

Step 4: Candidate Research and Identification

  • Our detailed process is both up-to-date and relevant.  Our executive search consultants conduct in-depth research, and develop a winning game plan.  A network of relationships enables us to discretely target and deliver exceptional candidates.

Step 5: Presentation of 20 Day Analysis Report

  • Within 20 business days initiating the search, our team will review our analysis report – which is customized and specific to your search.  Information included is candidate targets, assessments and profiles, compensation trends, and timelines.

Step 6: Candidate Pre-Screening and Assessments

  • We complete an evidence based assessment – based on our performance based interview.  Every step of the way, we’re assessing competencies and dimensions.

Step 7: Cuhire and Credit Union Interviews

  • We’ll partner with you throughout the interview process on teams, interview questions and guides, candidate assessments, and more.

Step 8: Background, Reference, and Employment Investigation

  • Our practice is to provide a thorough and detailed background investigation and reference report for each finalist.  Our references will explore candidates more broadly, to include insights into professional style and other attributes.

Step 9: Offer Strategy and Presentation

  • We integrate recruiting and closing throughout the entire executive search process.  We’ll work with you closely throughout the closing of a new hire.

Step 10: Follow-up

  • Our job is not done after an acceptance is received.  We ensure client and new hire satisfaction by maintaining contact beyond the initial on-boarding.

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